What Day Is Veterans Day

What Day Is Veterans Day 2018:


All the persons who fought for the Nation are called Veterans. Since 1776 about 48 million Americans had performed their duties in Wars. Veterans Day is celebrated on the 11th of November every year.  After World War 1 this Day was named as Armistice Day. An agreement which is signed by the opponents to end the war is called the Armistice. Armistice Day was firstly named by President Woodrow Wilson on the 11th of November in 1919. His main purpose of doing this was to give honor and respect to the brave soldiers.  He also wanted to show the bravery of great soldiers who do efforts for the country.

What Day Is Veterans Day

What Day Is Veterans Day

World War 1 was considered as a last War, but this thought was broke out after a few years. In World War 2 hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives.

What Day Is Veterans Day

What Day Is Veterans Day

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In Emporia an owner of the shoe store Alfred king gave an idea in 1953. He said that we have to celebrate Veterans Day not in the memory of the soldiers of World War 1 but also in the memory of the soldiers of all the wars. He started efforts to turn Armistice Day into ALL Veterans Day.

And finally, Congress decided to rename this day in the result of the efforts of Emporium community and help from US representative Ed Rees.

Sometimes people get confused in the sense that what is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?

What Day Is Veterans Day

What Day Is Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is celebrated to give honor to the people who fought for the nation and the savior of the lives of people.


Memorial Day is celebrated in the remembrance and Honor of the Military persons and the persons who died while serving the country.

The primary purpose of celebrating this day is to say thanks to the Veterans who are alive and are doing their duties.



Veterans Day Thank You Quotes:

Quotes are the sayings of great people about some specific topic or event. Veterans Day Thank You Quotes are handy in wishing Veterans Day. Everybody can download these quotes easily and share them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Veterans Day Thank You Quotes can be helpful in Honoring and encouraging the Veterans who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation. Our primary purpose is to promote and present the main idea of Veterans Day, and we can do this by using unique THANK YOU QUOTES.Veterans Day Was Originally Armistice Day.

What Day Is Veterans Day

What Day Is Veterans Day

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  • New York city arranges the biggest parades on Veterans Day
  • Weeks have received the Presidential Citizenship Medal  from President Reagan
  • Near about eight speeches on Veterans Day have been given by President Clinton
  • Arlington National Cemetery arranges a ceremony every year
  • There is a lot of similarity between Remembrance Day and Veterans Day
  • Veterans Day give Honor not only to living but to the persons who are died also
  • First Veterans award was given to the congressman Ad Rees
  • In united states, it is a holiday on Veterans Day


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