Veterans Day Facts

Why is veterans day important? The top veterans day facts

 Veterans Day is renowned from “Armistice Day,” which is held on 11 Nov 1919, at First World War anniversary. Veterans’ fact for holding is for those who served their lives for the united state. In 1926, an undertaking was passed by Congress for the annual observance, and 11 Nov is the holiday starting in 1938. This day pays a lot of accolade to all American veterans including both living or dead but we give thanks to living veterans curiously because they show strength and struggle for their country during war and accord time.

The first question occur in our mind is when Veterans Day facts arise?

Veterans Day Facts

Veterans Day Facts

The answer is Veterans Day held on Nov 11, every year on the same date in whole United States. The old name of Veterans Day is Armistice Day; in 1954 its name is changed to Veterans Day by president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many changes occur in Veterans Day celebrations, in 1968 Congress shifted the Veterans Day to last Monday of October and made this law, but in 1975 Veterans Day returned to 11 Nov by President Gerald Ford, due to its historical abundance. Britain, Australia, France, and Canada all they celebrate World War 1 and world war two as Veterans Day on 11 Nov or near 11 Nov. In Canada, Veterans Day marked on the same day 11 Nov, but Britain celebrates on last Sunday in November. In both European countries and Britain countries at 11 November one minute silence is held at 11 a.m.

On this Veterans Day, family members of army staff and people of those persons who protect and serve their lives for a country come as an essential part of this ceremony. Following is the list of persons.

About 16.1 million persons serve their lives in war 1.

Approximately 5.2 million dealt their lives during treaty time.

Women are 2 million.

In the second War, 7 million persons served their lives.

In the Persian Gulf War, about 5.5 million persons served

In 16 million people who served in World War 2, some peoples are alive, and their number is 558,000.

In Korean War 2 million persons served

In treaty time 6 million persons served

Many of disabled veterans received allows for service in 2014

As time pass, just three states have California 1.8 million, Florida 1.6 million and Texas 1 million veterans in 2014 only. In 1930 54 hospitals are built by healthcare trust VA now these are extended to 171 health centers, the outpatients are 350, different clinics, nursing care units are 126, and many facilities are available for injured and disabled persons.

This day held on the same day as the other countries celebrate their armistice day.

The world war one last at 11 November and the hour is 11 and the month of the year is also 11. We give honor to those veterans who served their lives for a united state, but this honor also is provided to 1940s veterans also.

Sometimes we mixed with Veterans Day and Memorial Day, actually Memorial Day is for those who died during serving for their country, on other side Veterans Day is for those who serve their lives for country these are alive, disabled and expired persons during military of United States.

In 1945, one person from Alabama came up with that idea, that all veterans including world war two veterans received honor not only those who had lost their lives but also who are alive and disables. Raymond presents this idea.

Raymond receives the presidential citizen medal in 1982 from Ronald Reagan.

In Alabama national veterans’ award was created in 1954.

On this day a federal holiday is held whole United States. There are almost 24 million veterans are living.

In World War 2, approximately 400,000 members killed from United States.

Veterans Day Facts

Veterans Day Facts

On Veterans Day, there are multiple function speeches. An American soldier buried at Arlington cemetery on Nov 11, 1921, and anyone did not identify him, so its gravesite is renowned as the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, on November 11 a chaplet is present on his grave, this chaplet is present on president grave. Women played a vital task in World War 1 and World War 2, and from the estimated value of about 8.1 % veterans are women. Those persons who are still alive are serving today in the United States, are approximately 35%, both men and women are serving, and they are earning more than those persons who had not helped. In 2014 7 million veterans are employed in the military. Women veterans won about 31810 dollars, many of them have no military experience. On the other side, male veterans were earning 37,307 in 2014, and they have no military experienced.

The degrees of veterans are bachelors, and they are 27 % in the count. About 3.8 million persons are injured and become disabled in war or disabled due to some injury while on duty. Approximately 14.7 million veterans voted, and a comparison occurs between 60.9 % of non-veterans and 70% of veterans in 2012. And in 2006 11.5 % of veterans voted and a comparison is present between 54 % of military and 42 % of nonmilitary officers. We can say thanks to veterans by saying that they can give significant time to us, they delay their plans and come to this conference, we feel safe just because of your struggle thank you so much, you sacrifice for our security, you don’t meet your friends and family just because of that you save us from harm.