The value of Veterans Day songs for Different Veterans as a Source of Inspiration

Veterans Day songs

Veterans Day was renowned as Armistice Day, when a cease-fire is an effect between allies and German on 11 Nov, 11 hours of the year 1918. Armistice Day in 1938 became a legal holiday, on 11 Nov 1954 the Armistice Day interchange with Veterans Day, and its a day of honor for all the veterans who serve in all wars.

On this big day, we salute all the veterans, on their reward we are an accomplishment, lyrics songs, and videos to the united state army, Marine Corps, the navy of United State and air force of United States.

Veterans Day songs

Veterans Day songs

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For the army of United States Veterans Day songs

Edmund L.Gruber writes the first song for united state army, and later this person becomes brigadier general, this song is known as “Caisson Song.”

The caissons go gliding along is the song name, the summary of this song is

“Along hills and dale, by hitting the dusty trail, hear the shouts of them, hear the shouts of wagon soldiers, those caissons go rolling along” melody of this song refers as,

From where you increase their strength from fields, loud their voices and you know caissons go rolling along.

If there is a storm, night or day rain or cold does not matter which season is the army of the United States do their duties correctly.

In verse three

At the time of wars there was no high any low distances, no right or left areas, even they don’t think to go back their homes, they were rolling along that area.

This song name was changed in 1954, and known as “the army goes rolling along.” the lyrics of this song are modified to express the struggle of Army.

Some of the current laying of the song are present at United State websites. The summary of the new version of army goes rolling along song is

The army soldiers march along the hills because they are fearless, faithful and fought for the victory. They are the army, and they feel proud to call as Army Soldiers. They fight for our survival; they fight for right, for the nation. We are pleased that they all done for us, they will fight till they won the battle. For our protection, they go high, high, by counting two, three because the army goes rolling along. They are men of a minute, and they fight from the heart, even on ice lands they never froze, then they met their foes. They have a strong belief in God; we also make good faith in God, only the reason by which we will fight with our might.

Songs for Marine Corps of United States

In the United States, the Marine Corps has no song on the websites, but they have their hymn. For him, they stand in attention. In 1800s mid, the anthem whispered by someone for an army of the United States and its the official song for army forces, the writer of this song is still unknown.

The title of this song is “The Marine Hymn.”

The summary of this hymn is

As on land and sea, they fight for right and freedom, they keep their ability clean, and they feel proud to be the marines of the United States. The flag of our marine corps develops by every breeze from sunset to sunrise, same duties performed during snow of northern areas, during night and day you will find us on our jobs, proud to be marine corps of united states. We feel proud to serve our health and life for the country, in many situations, they fight for survival and never break their nerves. Marine corps of united states guard streets.

The songs for the navy of the United States.

In 1906, the official song of Navy composed by anchors aweigh. The bandmaster of the naval academy writes the tune of this song, and another person writes the first two stanzas and in 1926 the last concluding verse written by another person.

The summary of this song is

Navy stand by the sky, the uniform of the navy is grey they sink the army with grey color, the color of the sky is blue, they protect us from any enemy attacked in the air. They are honorable for us, and they are the gold of our country. Full of faith, courage, and honor. They stand out at sea, fight for battle, they never stay on the foam for protection of our lives. Proud to be a navy army of united states.

Songs for the air force of United States.

In 1939, the words for the air force of the United States written by Major Robert Crawford. The original of this song is written by another person on the beginning when the air force of the United States is separate from armed forces.

The summary of this song is

They go into the blue sky, climbing high and high in the sun, they spout the flame of our nation from below. They feel the thunder by zooming and facing it very carefully. We think we are living in fame but actually, we are living in flame and they are our protectors.

God is the only one, who is aware of how they are spending their lives,


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